Tuesday, November 20, 2007


thinking is hard sometimes
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I'm back, and I'm on attack!
It took some deep thinking and times of leaning on my knee and thinking deeply about the damage. So much has happened this year. I don't want to go into the gorey details but leets jus summarize, fake friends suck, blogs can hurt, boys are 99.9% bastards and NOONE just lays out how they feel for fear of a response; positive or negative. So, in synopsis it seems like a great deal of negative but, I suppose I learned some lessons. Lesson #1: never wear a yellow suit when doing Whiskey shots, makes you too visible.
But, alas, my same life is drudging forward. I saw my shrink yesterday and that was god since I havea good relationship with her. Things are goig down the shitter at work so it was good to discuss it. I see that I tend to act out when Im like totally sketched. Like I wat to just blow up my spot at work when, in fact, I should try to lay low and get my stuff done.
Im a very paranoid person in every way, shape, and form. Its bad. I think it is from all the drugs I used to do when I was younger. I lived a subversive life and I think eveyone getting arrested and trafficing drugs constantly didn't help the paranoia one bit.
Today on my loooong commute to work, I looked at the car next to me. I see a good amount of carpoolers cuz I drive through a very hippy area. I glanced over and this woman was curling her eyelashes as the car drove. I thought that must be very risky to do. She must really need curled eyelashes for some reason.
Im a pretty random girl, I do random things and think random thoughts.
This blog is in NO way intended to hurt or harm anyone. If you know me you know everything is said in "jest" just the way I am. Please don't take life too seriously folks
and; who is Mia?
obligatory hip hop line:" put your clothes back on before you start puttin pot holes in my lawn"


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Curling eyelashes huh? I did one time see a chick with her foot up painting her nails at a stop light...

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