Monday, October 29, 2007


big Halloween festivities. I go to the pub to setup. It is a nice pub, I like it. I know the guy that runs the bar. So we end up sitting in the corner and we start talking about sex. not a big deal, kinda hot. So he starts asking me about what i "like" etc etc. I kinda defer all questions because I dunno what to say. I ask him his deal and he tells me he likes to choke girls. that girls really like it. you choke them till the last second and then they have a huge orgasm while taking a huge breath and, supposedly, its the greatest thing ever. So, like a drunk idiot I tell this stranger that it sounds fun. Ummmm yeh, getting choked to death has always appealed to me, I just forgot to mention it.
He lives with his gf so we decide to do this at my place. As the night progresses though I become belligerent and he still tries to keep me 'straight' but there was no havin it. I was a "hot mess" as my friend said. So, in synopsis, maybe being a mess saved me from a specific strangulation death-orgasm...

Friday, October 26, 2007

This will be it for today